The XPS 13’s most striking feature is its Infinity display, which has almost no bezel around the screen. This is what allows Dell to cram a 13-inch screen into a chassis you’d typically find on an 11-inch notebook. It also makes it look like the screen is floating above the base of the system, allowing you to focus more on your content. The rest of the laptop is just as attractive as before and even if it’s not as thin as some competitors. The top and bottom are made of machined aluminium, which gives the frame a durable and rigid feel. The deck on the inside is even better. It uses a comfortable, soft-touch, carbon-fiber material with a subtle-but-cool checkered pattern, which makes typing a real pleasure.

XPS 13


You have two display options on the Dell XPS 13, and both are pretty great. There’s a full-HD, non-touch-screen model with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a matte finish. Or, if you want to spend $1,599, there’s a quad-HD touch-screen model with a higher resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. This glossy panel also offers richer colors, though it’s more reflective.

XPS 13
                                    DELL XPS 13

While watching the 4K movie “Tears of Steel” on both XPS 13s, it was clear that the high-res screen was the winner and with far more details in the character’s skin and smoother lines in a sniper’s scope. In the 1080p trailer for “Wonder Woman,” the blue skies of Themyscira were much more vibrant on the touch screen, as it was the red in Diana’s outfit. The only issue with the high-res monitor is that it has a bit of glare, so its viewing angles wash out at narrower points than the non-touch version.

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