After Microsoft Surface Pro Release 4 issues raised

Surface Pro 4 is quite the tablet, but a recent No-win report shows that he has a lot of problems, despite the huge price. The reviewer notes that while Microsoft did its best, this tablet has a lot of peculiarities to it and warns that it may not be a worthwhile investment for some.

A month ago, Microsoft took the stage to announce two new shiny devices: the Surface Pro 4, which is the famous tablet’s successor, and the Book Surface, both of which turned out to be some amazing devices, both in design as well as the functionality software and hardware. Unfortunately, No-win reports that the tablet has a pop strange audio what looks like a noise that occurs during use, at random intervals. It’s like a warning or an alert type, and the author is running the latest firmware and tried several things to fix the problem, including reducing the volume of the speakers and disable various features and update your sound drivers. The question simply cannot be fixed and it is extremely annoying, especially for all the money that a surface 4 Pro costs.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 issues

No-win author also notes that the type of quality coverage forced the Surface Pro 4 to act as a tablet instead. This can be a good thing for some, but the big picture is a bad thing – it’s what we have to book the surface. We hope that the Pro 4 surface to be a tablet not a laptop, but its main feature is designed to work with a type of coverage and not just as a tablet, which is not very good.

He came across the strange noise in his Pro 4 surface? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on it.

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