Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date Rumours

Apple’s next generation tablet is one of the Tablets that everyone expected to release in this (2015) year. Apple iPad Air 2 is the premium (best) tablet released ever. It is the lighter in weight than the other tablets, so iPad Air 2 is the first choice of the buyers. So everyone expected that Apple’s third generation iPad Air 3 Tablet is the much better than iPad Air 2. There are rumours of Apple iPad Air 3 released date and other specifications.

We are expecting that it includes A9x chipset processor which will be much faster than the Apple iPad Air 2. Because in iPad Air 2, A8x processor is used, this is about to much faster than the first generation Tablet.


We are expecting that Apple iPad Air 3 will be released in October, 2015. Because first generation iPad Air in 2013 and second generation iPad Air 2 in 2014 both the tablets were released in October and after that. Apple has followed same schedule for last two years, thatswhy we are expecting that this time also same schedule will be follow by Apple.

We are expecting that the screen size will also be bigger than the Apple iPad Air 2. For its fastest processor, bigger screen with higher resolution the battery should be more powerful to support these advanced functions.

More Features:

  • Multitasking quality
  • Face Recognition
  • Wireless charging
  • iOS 9 Platform
  • Front facing Speakers

We are expecting that the price of the Apple iPad Air 3 will be higher than the Apple iPad Air 2 because of its advanced features. The price will be according to the storage capacity. This will be in different storage capacity.

So for the latest news and more rumours about the latest gadgets, keep with us.

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