Apple iPhone 7: The Real Game Changer in the Making?

Apple iPhone 7 will release the home button and move the Touch ID button and a new sapphire glass display sports according to a new report from a famous analyst. This would make the Apple iPhone a seven total game changer and as you know a lot of companies have been taking lessons from Apple since it launched the original iPhone, then this will lead to a new direction.

It will be at least another year until we actually see the iPhone 7 in action, but reports, renders and leaks are flowing through each day. A new analyst report shows that the iPhone 7 will start the home button and this is not the first time I heard it. Another image showed a concept version of the iPhone with an edge-to-edge screen from top to bottom without home button whatsoever which would certainly be interesting. If you think about it, this button is useless and that the space could be used to expand the display instead and make the digital home button. Moving the touch button ID would also be a very interesting experience that some people may not be happy about it.


Apple iPhone 7 Changes

Remember all patents made earlier this year? Among them was one of the Apple ID that integrated Touch straight at the viewer thus eliminating the need for a real physical button. Although this feature would require a little more cluster under the hood would certainly be a welcome change and we could see a complete overhaul of the iPhone 7, considering that Apple is rethinking the layout of its physical buttons. Perhaps the iPhone 7 may not have any physical buttons to start, besides the volume controls.

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Source: Daily Tech Radar

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