Apple iPhone trade-in program for Cracked Devices you can get credit

We had a cracked iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Well Apple has covered as always with a trade-in based on the credit program. The tech giant will offer you the chance to exchange your phone for credit and this is a brand new recycling program that will appeal to both sides.

Apple devices are generally very resistant to damage, but let’s face it, everyone has their oops moments. If you recently had one of those moments then I do not fear because Apple has a new program to give a fairer value for those who trade in their iOS devices cracked. This is another upgrade for the trade-in existing system instead of a new one from scratch and that was long ago. Currently thousands of people every year who break their iPhone screens and is a very profitable business for Apple to take them, fix them and sell them as refurbished for a good price so that everyone wins here.


Apple Cracked Trading Program Screen

Trading at a cracked iPhone you will be getting some money, depending on the condition and the generation of the device. At most, you can get $ 50 from older models to 5s iPhone, but if you have an iPhone cracked 6, then you will be able to get a better deal, up to $ 200, or $ 250 on iPhone 6 Plus. These are some pretty decent prices, but if you are not satisfied, you could always try to sell your phone. Keep in mind that once you break your phone it will be very difficult to figure out what to do next so you might as well turn it into Apple and get some money from it.

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