Asus Release World’s smallest Pocket Router

ASUS is a big name in the technology world. Asus manufactures is smart phones, computer and computer processor or another work on routers. Its multinational products are computer hardware and electronic company can provide a best features gadgets for consumer. Asus has a more functionality design laptops, PCs, computer processors and phones. The Asus was developed a world smallest wireless pocket router full model name is WL-330NUL and the all in one wireless multi mode pocket router. It’s very easy to use for consumer reliable opportunity. The wireless router has work fast and portable and use anywhere places. The smallest multi mode router is best for travelers. The simply connected with Ethernet cable and UBB adapter support. The easy installation setup and guest management support. This is multi compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac operating system than stay connected your portable device. According to other site expected price is $34.30 (INR2195.90) only.


  • Interface
  • Operating Frequency
  • Security
  • Antenna
  • Power Adapter
  • Utilities
  • OS support
  • Wireless
  • Dimension

There are ultra link utility support routers with easy interface use in it. Whether only Wi-Fi and WLAN are available and stay connected whenever you go. There is operating frequency use of 2.4 GHz only. The wherever power and wireless connectivity available to allows sharing a single account on multiple devices including smart-phones, tablets and other portable device. The only Wi-Fi support and the WL-330NUL has been especially design for business travelers and home user. Several ways to power use of the WL-330NUL is directly attached from the wall with the power adapter and mobile power bank pairing support logic. You have allows to stay connected uninterrupted device. This is very reliable and affordable for business purpose and any business traveller use to packet router.

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