Asus VivoWatch launched with 10-day battery and Low Price

Asus has formally reported with its smooth Zen Watch and its not halting there. The new Asus Vivo Watch handles wearing needs while offering another enchanting plan and wonderful 10-day battery.

Most smart watches nowadays will most recent two days, in the occasion that you’re fortunate. So to hear that Asus is guaranteeing the Vivo Watch can keep pulverized up for 10-days is to an awesome degree basic and something we’re conveying with a squash of salt until we have endeavored the gadget. In any condition, with a charge time of 1-2 hours notwithstanding running out isn’t a colossal issue.

On top of an astonishing battery Asus in addition confirms the Vivo Watch will run as an inseparable unit with a stainless steel body that is IP67 evaluated against water and clean despite Gorilla Glass 3 and 128 x 128 determination shows.


It’ll in like way breaker an inherent heart rate screen, as is changing into the standard for new insightful watches – particularly those that are redirections centered. It will moreover use progress sensors to offer rest after – for those that surrender it on overnight.

Asus has totally got’s a troublesome, however not unimaginable undertaking ahead with contention from any similarity of the Fitbit inroad, Garmin Vivoactive with its three week battery and even Pebble Time. Perhaps Asus will be hoping to undermine the restriction on quality or offer more cell mix choices?

The Asus Vivo Watch meets expectations with loads of Android gadgets including Samsung, Sony and LG and additionally iPhone.

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