The Ever Phone : Apple Iphone 6S

The iPhone 6S appears the same as the earlier iPhone 6. The form is the familiar finish, complete with curved glass, curved edges, and a polished exterior. But if you read the specs then you’ll see the two devices are ever so slightly different: the iPhone 6S measures 138.3 x 67.1 by 7.1mm and weighs 143g compared to the older iPhone 6 which measures 138.1 x 67.0 x 6.9mm and weighs 129g.So the 6S is heavier and a tiny amount larger, but in the real world you’ll be hard pushed to notice the difference in size or weight, we certainly haven’t over the last year. If you are worried these tiny changes are going to mean your cases and accessories don’t fit anymore, then don’t be – we’ve had no trouble with a range of iPhone 6 accessories we’ve got in the office.


Apple won’t confirm why the iPhone 6S has 14g of extra weight, but the belief is that it’s a by-product of the new 3D Touch display (more on that in a bit) and the new stronger aluminium used for the casing (they aren’t going to fall foul of bend gate again). The screen delivers the same 750 x 1336 resolution 4.7-inch panel as seen in the iPhone 6.


3D Touch is very clever and has the potential to add plenty to the experience, we’ve found over the last 12 months we’ve failed to really use it effectively. It’s nice for deep pressing to get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Battery menus from the settings icon, but we’ve found we’ve hardly used peek and pop, or other features at all.

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