Five Tips to Improve the Life of your Phone’s Battery

Now a days everyone has a same problem that is Phone’s Battery, so there are five tips to increase the battery life of your phone. The most important thing is the fully charge your smartphone to increase the phone’s battery health. But mostly people leave the phone on charging until they leave the home or leave the smartphone on charging whole night that is not good for your smartphone’s battery life. So we have few tips to increase the smartphone’s battery life.

1. Don’t use your Mobile phone while charging

Mostly people use their mobile phone while charging but this will damage your phone’s battery. So to increase the battery life of your phone avoid use your phone while charging. This is also called the parasitic charging.

2. Don’t use Duplicate or fake charger

The one more important thing is mostly people used local or duplicate charger to charge their smartphone but this will also damage the phone’s battery or not properly charge. This is also not good for the smartphone battery life. So to increase the battery life don’t use fake charger.

Fake Charger

3. Don’t leave the phone on charging whole night

Most of the people charge their smartphone whole night, but this is harmful for the battery and also swells the battery and reduce the backup of the phone’s battery. It is not important that the phone’s battery charge 100 percent while charging. Better step to increase the battery life unplug the charger at night.


4. Maximum and minimum Limits of the Battery

Their is not important to fully charge your new smartphone because in these days battery is mostly charged when you buy it according to the mobile product manager. And also this is not important to fully charge mobile phone all the time.

And one another thing is also you should not let the battery down to zero.

5. Don’t let your phone to get overheated

There is a ideal charging temperature is 20 to 30 degree Celsius, according to the mobile product manager. Because heat is the enemy of lithium ion battery. So you should take care your phone and also you should not charging the mobile phone while playing games, because this will harmful for you battery.

These five steps are most important to increase the life of your smartphones.

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