Future is 5G at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, ZTE unveiled its network architecture concept design and system-oriented network prototype for the future 5G

His demonstration of 5G network used the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors and actively explored key projects for the future 5G network architecture.


This system prototype slice 5G network is based on the componentization function 5G network orchestration based on requirements and customization. It creates 5G dynamic slices application scenario network through a visible organization environment, including mobile broadband (MBB), internet of things (IoT), mobile computing edge (MEC) and more. At Mobile World Congress, the technology demonstrates the / core-based prototype RSA Intel hardware node node access node / edge, quickly building real mobile and mobile broadband computing edge slice applications (MEC) 5G through a system slice orchestration visible network. This joint demonstration not only allows visitors to experience the close of technology, but also promotes the maturity of the industry.

5G network service slice future implementation allows the network to become more flexible, economical and highly efficient. Can adapt to the demands of multi-system, varying scenarios and business modes, supporting better the future of digital cellular.

ongoing research and exploration of ZTE in terms of display fields / 5G includes the development of tests related to the Global Tier 1 operators and partners. These tests have received a lot of active feedback and demonstrate the high level of performance achieved by virtualization solutions / 5G ZTE. Currently ZTE has virtualized implementation of core network 12 sales offices and 32 office test sites.

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