GTA 6 Release Date Game play Features [Rumors]

GTA 5 “Finally, two weeks ago has been released for the PC, and now, the players and the fans are producing rumors about” the development phase, which is already being considered GTA 6 “.

Developer Rockstar Games franchise rumor still no announcement has been issued for the next game, but the Master Herald that the company has no plans to release did not mean that.According to Ecumenical News, “GTA 6” to its current franchise “too big” than expected, but still Rockstar Games is mapping the United States and about five years to develop can take.But back to London in 2013 in an interview with The Guardian, “GTA” is requested to change the setting, Rockstar Dan Houser explained:”I think for us, my instinct, GTA London was quiet for a while, but the game was much more limited. I believe we have created in London, UK, to establish a game I love to think that these days, whatever but I do not know if this is a GTA game ‘UK to know that I can be folded we can tell great stories about the UK, to demonstrate Great atmosphere, great gameplay are a lot of – I guess I simply do not think it would necessarily be a GTA ..



“We just do not have the bandwidth for the moment that you want to make as many games but we are always well the future is long and varied, sounds, and for that matter what the future is speaking for myself -.. And usually certainly not just me at all, because, “we say as much as possible to be militant’ll thank God – but my own personal feeling GTA with this game, I think it is the US .. we are very pleased with the location. Is our distinguished do something. “Ecumenical News Sports character is a trailer made by will fight the terrorists in the Middle East fans it will be determined in the cases that have been added there. He also said that you can install in the US state of Texas and Oregon said that possibility.

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As for the expectations of the players, the share International Business Times (IBT) for the next game in the gaming world is crying out for a central female character said.”Rockstar GTA June to introduce a central female character seems like a good position. The next GTA, actually his adventures (and misadventures) of the story keep ticking, a female protagonist would like to see” IBT reports promoted.Change of mentality, according to IBT, which will make the next installment of the game for players hooked the “epic” can force.

Besides these improvements, fans are still waiting for better police AI in the game you are waiting for the police sometimes do not function.Sometimes a ladder to climb and can not fall crashing to his death are lost. They brazenly made to take the punishment of all kinds. But most of the time, are killed by their own stupid mistakes like “is the second time they have (even out of the way) are run over by cars,” IBT observed.With all this considered, it is expected that the game world that the game will include the development of rosters Wish Rockstar as GTA franchise is for some interesting changes.

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