Hardware compare Xbox One vs. PS4

Hardware  compare Xbox One vs. PS4

The Xbox one year and a half has become more and PS4 first began here in America at that time, they both current-generation game consoles as the carrier has earned his keep. Microsoft Kinect it lacked the camera with the PS4 a $ 400 version that need competitive price realized a few months after the release, and since then an unbalanced, apples and oranges comparison a bit of a What was once have been remedied.


Since then, Xbox and PS4 with the edge in favor of the two Sony has sold very well – Kinect for Xbox at a $ 50 price cut in January to help catch is Microsoft. That is how they compare with each other directly in 2015, said that? One of these two consoles-or are just thinking about buying ammunition for bragging rights you want to know what you need here.


Unlike all previous console generations, PS4 and Xbox are almost identical in terms of hardware: a note before we get started. At the heart of each of the APU with an x86 AMD, Sony and Microsoft consoles are essentially PCs – and their hardware specs, and thus the relative performance, you two will be the same way Android based x86- or ARM-based laptops can be compared to pills. Our Xbox Read on for the one-Bnam- PS4 hardware specs.

Xbox vs. PS4: CPUs than


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An eight-core CPU that features Jaguar fabricated by TSMC 28nm part one, paired with a Radeon 7000 series GPU – PS4 and Xbox One, Microsoft and Sony have both opted for a semi-custom AMD’s APU. (We will discuss in the next section GPU.) PS4 and Xbox is almost like a CPU, clocked at 1.75GHz Xbox one, except that the PS4 1.6GHz.


Jaguar CPU core itself is not particularly exciting. PCS, Jaguar respectively which were aimed at laptop and tablet AMD Kabini and Temash parts are used. If you are looking for a solid comparison, Jaguar core CPUs based on the Intel Atom to the Bay Trail are roughly comparable. Eight-core (two or four at a regular Kabini- against Temash setup) as well, PS4 and Xbox both have plenty of CPU power on tap. Modern living room and the media center is important for the use cases, and doubly so in two different operating systems side-by-side runs the Xbox, for one – large core count to excel in both consoles allows multitasking . Xbox Despite a slightly faster CPU in the end, though, this game console, either relative to performance makes little difference.

Xbox vs. PS4: GPUs compared to


However, being an AMD APU, Xbox and PS4 GPUs are technically very similar – PS4 GPU is a big difference with the mediocre. PS4, Xbox’s HD 7870. In numerical terms can be found in the midrange Pitcairn is outfitted with the PC context, Xbox One, the older Radeon HD 7790 GPU Bonaire in the entry level similar to that of a GPU the PS4 18 customers (1152 shaders), while a GPU, 12 calculation units (768 shader processors) is. Xbox is a little further on the clock speed of the GPU (PS4 to 800MHz versus 853MHz) is.


In short, PS4’s GPU – the more powerful Xbox 50% – on paper. Xbox One is slightly higher GPU clock speed differences Some ameliorates, but actually, PS4 count of more than 50% Cu for the Sony camp is a serious advantage. In addition, the Microsoft Xbox GPU forest reserve for the 10% Kinect says. PS4 Games on tap will be a lot more available graphics power. In addition to the clock speed and core counts, both GPUs are the same. They both graphics core next (GCN) architecture is based on, and thus OpenGL 4.3, OpenCL 1.2, and are supported by Direct3D 11.2.



Xbox vs. PS4: RAM subsystem and bandwidth


We leave the CPU and the GPU, Xbox and PS4 specs of the hardware RAM to begin to diverge, with the most notable difference. Both consoles are outfitted with 8GB of RAM, while the Xbox like a PC and uses 2133MHz DDR3 RAM, while the PS4, 5500MHz GDDR5 RAM opts. The PS4 in favor of a course that leads to enormous bandwidth advantage – Xbox just 68.3GB / sec, while the PS4’s CPU and GPU, system RAM bandwidth to 176GB / sec.

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