HTC ONE W1 Smart Watch Specs and Features

Yusuf Catalkaya has produced the HTC One W1 Smart watch. This smart watch is also called as the “super smartwatch”. This smartwatch is made by the metal or we can say that the body of this smartwatch is metallic and its screen size is big.

HTC One W1 smartwatch is in three colors, Gold, Grey and Black. There are five charging point at the back of the watch. And the SIM slot is also on back of the watch. In case you are wondering, here is also the Infrared Remote Control. And the belt of this watch is made of rubber with a metal clasp.


Specs and Features of HTC One W1 Smart watch:

The screen size of this smartwatch is 1.55 inches and there is also a color display. This smartwatch comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. This smart watch is also comes with accelerometer and gyroscope. The smart watch is runs on Android Jellybean OS.

There are more Specs and features of this smart watch.

  • Phone calls, emails,
  • Digital Compass,
  • Bluetooth v4.0/LE, Wi-Fi,
  • Play Music Files,
  • Display Time and Weather
  • Calendar appointments as pop up
  • 55 inch screen with color display
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Android Jellybean Operating System

HTC One W1 Android smart watch will arrive in September, this is the prediction. We don’t have the exact details about the arrival globally and the price of this smart watch.


So keep in touch with us to know more details about this smart watch.

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