iBall Splendo PC-on-a-Stick with Windows 8.1

iBall has launched its first PC on a stick device dubbed Splendo with partnership with Microsoft India. We can say this is window based Mini Computer because this is a device from we can turn a TV into a Smart TV or PC. And the price for this device is about Rs. 8,999.


The iBall Splendo device will be available for the users in July. And this device will be available via Online and retail shop or TV retail channels.

The iBall Splendo is like other stick device or USB device and we can carry easily in pocket at anywhere. It includes Intel Atom quad core processor. This device runs on Windows 8.1. It includes 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage capacity while packing.

To use this device user will have to just plug into the device in HDMI input port to the TV to take the experience of Windows PC. It also includes HD graphics, MicroSD card slot, USB port, multi channel digital audio, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi.

This device will come with a one year warranty from the Company. This device will be useful for Home and office both purpose and it is user friendly (easy to use). This device the iBall Splendo is for people who loves and use new technology gadgets. And want to connect all the time to the social networking sites and want to take the experience both the window and Smart TV.

A true gadget lover will love this device and want to use and take the experience.

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