IPad Pro 2 – Specifications, Features, Release Date, Apple Event in March

The Apple iPad Pro is one of the most capable portable devices you can buy. The iPad Pro has extremely powerful hardware, although the device has a mobile operating system and can not run most applications that can use the hardware. In our article Surface Pro vs iPad Pro, we mentioned how we love the iPad Pro for media consumption and basic productivity. We would have loved more if we could run desktop-class applications like Surface Pro does.

Today, we take a look at all the rumors surrounding the iPad Pro 2 and how the device is forming. We will also talk about the possible release date of the iPad Pro 2.

iPad Pro Stocks Running out around the USA
 Several users reported that iPad Pro stocks were depleted at retailers across the US. You will probably have to face some problems if you want to order 12.9-inch iPad Pro at the time of AT & T, BestBuy, Verizon or Macmall. The Apple website is also indicating a shortage of iPad Pro shares. The 9.7-inch Pro iPad is still in abundance and is available for sale. However, the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 also faces a shortage in inventory. Although this does not support as a confirmed report of anything, it is common knowledge that older product inventories start working just before a new product is released.

iPad Pro 2 Launch Date

Although not confirmed at the time, several reports indicate that Apple will send invitations to an event that will be held in March 2017. Last year, Apple held a similar event to announce the iPhone SE and iPad Pro of 9.7 inches.

By 2015, the Apple Watch and MacBook update was also unveiled at a similar event. If Apple also has a similar event in 2016, guests will go to the press in a few days and we’ll let them know.

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