iPhone 8 May Replace Touch ID With Acoustic Imaging

The iPhone 8 will not arrive before September, but leaks are coming in every day. The latest leak sheds some light on wireless technology charging rumors, and a new patent suggests how the iPhone 8 will incorporate fingerprint scanning technology without a Touch ID sensor.

Apple has received a new patent entitled “Architecture of the Acoustic Imaging System,” which describes how the company plans to incorporate sound images for fingerprint reading across the screen. In the ‘detailed description’ paragraph, the patent explains how this new technology will function as a fingerprint reader on the screen. “In many instances, the acoustic imaging system is configured to resolve a fingerprint image of a user when the user touches the screen. The acoustic imaging system operates by generating acoustic waves (or pulses) that propagate through an external surface Of the screen and thereafter Monitoring reflections, attenuation and / or diffraction for those acoustic waves caused by the fingerprint of the user, “he reads.

The advantage is that the imaging technology allows flexibility where it can be integrated into the phone and is not restricted to a specific material. In addition, the acoustic image can also read ear impressions and hand prints as well, expanding forms of how it can be used on an iPhone. For example, the iPhone in the future may switch to speaker mode automatically as it detects the earplugs being removed from the ears and vice versa.

With the iPhone 8 tilted to flaunt a glass screen, an alternative to the dedicated Touch ID sensor is imminent. It has been reported to be replaced by optical fingerprint sensors, a capacitive sensor on the screen, or even facial recognition, but all this is based on the speculation and prediction of the analysts. This patent, while very timely, does not necessarily mean that Apple will incorporate acoustic images on the iPhone 8. It could very well wait for it to launch next year.

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