Microsoft Surface phone release date will ?

Microsoft Surface Phone is long past its rumor stage and now we have a possible release date for what could be one of Microsoft’s biggest projects to date. It was predictable that Microsoft launches its big project this speculated date, but there is more to the story than that.

A while back we started hearing about a very curious little project of Microsoft called the ‘Surface Phone’. This new project would be the tech company’s official flagship Set to compete with some of the big names in the tech industry such as Samsung and Apple. New Microsoft Lumia phones do not just do well over the years and Microsoft is planning to stop doing them according to a previous rumor, starting with the Lumia 650. A recent report confirms this rumor that the Lumia 650 will be the last Lumia device, and it appears that Microsoft phone surface also has a release date that has been predicted.

Microsoft Surface phone release date

Release Date Microsoft Surface Phone

Now, the name was too suggested, we should have thought that this was the case. Microsoft lineup surface generally refers to the tablet series, which is released late fall usually around October. As it turns out, the same release date could be for the Surface phone. This means that Microsoft could very well be the center of attention this fall, but this is bad news for Apple, which also has its release date around that time. Technology companies will be locked in a very close competition and 2016 are looking out to be crazy because many companies are doing everything to have pulled through a very difficult exercise.


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