Microsoft Windows 10 Lumia Phone Update Schedule Leaks

Upgrade from Microsoft Windows 10 to Lumia devices have a special program that has just been leaked and we’are very optimistic in many ways. A lot of people are waiting for this update because it brings forth a lot of new features but most importantly it’s going to be the last Windows update to arrive on These devices. Windows 10 is quite amazing and Microsoft HAS A lot of Left Devices To upgrade When It deals with a Lumia series. We saw so many delays that we are pretty much sick of it: the original date of update to Lumia devices was all the way in October, so it was December, and then it was January. Here we are trying to predict in March when upgrading from Windows 10 will arrive on Lumia devices. It seems that the update will arrive in Windows 10 Lumia devices over March, starting with the March 13 onwards. Obviously, you should take this with a pinch of salt, as we have seen so many delays, but it is likely that this is the deadline.


Microsoft is killing the Lumia series

In other news, it appears that Lumia series, Microsoft will be no departure effective immediately. Microsoft is focusing on larger prospects, such as the surface of the phone and we’ll see more Lumia devices after the 650XL on. This is sad news for some, but in the long run is good news because it allows Microsoft to focus on more important things. The Lumia series was not selling many units anyway so it’s good that the technology company is finally doing something to improve your chances. 2016 is a crucial year for all companies in the technology sector as the stock market hit rough them all so far.

Do you think we will finally see the Windows 10 pushed Lumia devices this month?

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