Which One’s the Best For You? Apple iPhone SE: 16GB or 64GB?

iphonese-gold-scene0-2016Apple iPhone SE seems to be a very popular product among fans of Apple these days and it seems that a lot of people are confused which storage option to buy. It is a curious fact, but Apple really has not released a 32 GB version of your device and this is a major flaw.

Expandable storage is too far for Apple, which is usually release their devices in various storage options and this year is no different, although this year the technology company is trimming your selection. Basically, if you want to get an iPhone 32GB I know it will not be possible that the device only comes in 16 GB and 64 GB. This is quite a obvious gif Apple trying to get customers who require storage to pay more money for the 64 GB variant. Why else would a technology company remove a storage option? This is very sad, considering that 32 GB is the most famous storage option that people buy, it is difficult to choose one, depending on what you need.

What iPhone without storage should you look for?

iphonese-thumb8Whereas the 32GB iPhone is but you can not stop wondering: should I spend more money on a 64GB device or keep me on a 16 GB rule? That depends entirely on you, but it’s a difficult choice. People usually do not need more than 32 GB of storage, but those who like to store the media on their devices usually need more than 16 GB of storage. Leaving aside the fact that iOS takes up some space by default you will end up quite limited. This, if you want a full experience you may need to consider spending a few more dollars and get the 64GB version of the iPhone SE.

What do you think about Apple’s decision to abandon the 32 GB storage option?

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