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New York: Facebook soon your quick article already in the ground with publishers like NBC News and The New York Times, will make the live program.Other early-stage partners The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel Online and build are included. This mobile phone is so much faster to load than regular articles posts that Facebook will host content on its servers.Publisher of some newsrooms to post a few dozen stories a day with the preparation, quick article are ready to ramp up content distribution, the Wall Street Journal reported.Quick article published directly to Facebook via the link back to their websites, rather than by publishers, particularly on mobile devices, increase exposure of your content on social networking service, and is expected to improve load times.


Facebook sells advertising under the new program, the publishers of the revenue brought in by advertising that they sell 100 percent and will get to keep 70 percent.WSJ Facebook news feed directly to the New York Times and the program can make the most of its content available through the Atlantic some 30 articles per day was prepared to publish the sources as saying.Both stores are already ready to start publishing, and are only waiting for the approval of Facebook. A Facebook spokesman said the program will begin soon was reported as saying.

“We are excited for the next step. We will put most of our content in the feed and will monitor closely the effects early,” Atlantic’s chief operating officer Bob Cohen was quoted as saying.



According to chief executive Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed Facebook to stream as much as possible intends to publish content.Initially, according to Facebook Peretti, to see how they react to certain groups of users only plan to make visible the article.Soon nine for this article was announced partnerships with major news organizations, created a stir last month when Facebook.On May 13, five companies – BuzzFeed, including the Times and National Geographic – each to much fanfare on Facebook has published a story straight, but since then no other quick article is published.

After all, Facebook news organizations whenever they want to have the ability to quickly publish plans.

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