Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S Released date and Price UK

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro was officially launched in the UK and those who pre-ordered the device should be getting it any time if you have not already.This is a major release for Samsung, which has made a landing page for the device where it shows the main features of the device.


At this time, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is only available in black for the price of £ 849. This is a fairly steep price, but the device is quite amazing so worth the price. One of the reasons why people were praising the Samsung Galaxy S TabPro is your life of intense battery. Reportedly, the tablet can stay awake for 630 minutes and a full charge should take only two and a half hours which is absolutely stunning for a tablet hybrid / laptop. Samsung seems to have really cracked down on battery life this year as their main device also has a very impressive battery life, and this can only gain attention enough this year to win Samsung some fans and sell many units.


Samsung Competing with Microsoft and Apple

maxresdefaultNow that the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is out of the bag it is clear that Samsung will be competing with Microsoft and Apple, which also have their own hybrid tablet / laptop. Microsoft has the famous Pro surface and Apple Pro series has the iPad so this year the competition will be tight. It seems fair that Samsung would do this, considering that Microsoft is also entering the South Korean giant field with Surface phone. It also seems that Samsung is going to win this competition, but that remains to be seen, depending on what the competition brings forward.

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