Specification of Microsoft surface pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro series offers the best two-in-one devices for Windows on the planet. Surface Pro 4 is an immensely popular device. Not only is the Surface Pro 4 ultra-portable, but it’s also powerful and capable of heavy computing tasks.

One interesting thing about any two-in-one Surface Pro is the important role played by the included accessories. Through Surface Pro 4, Microsoft wanted to show the world how it imagined using Windows as an operating system.

Surface Pro 4 is a capable device, but the accessory ecosystem that surrounds it allows Microsoft to deliver the purest Windows experience possible. The accessory ecosystem of Surface Pro 4 includes, but is not limited to, Cover Type and Surface Pen.

In this article, we take a look at the best accessories you can buy for your Surface Pro 4 two-in-one. These Surface Pro 4 enhancements will enhance your experience with your device. They also allow you to achieve a higher degree of productivity.

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