The latest rumors claim that Apple will wait until 2016, as saying that the tablet will come this November there were several technical sites, although rumored iPad Air 3, will not be released this year. Upcoming iPad Air 3 3 Microsoft Surface Pro, which is a premium competitor.

Apple iPad Air 3

In the past few years, including the Apple iPad as the perfect opportunity to launch new products in September was used, but this year it will be held at the end of only the iPad Mini 4, which unveiled during an event months will be guess. For now, we do not know too many details about the iPad Air 3, could come next September. We have collected all the rumors about its specs, and we measure the upcoming tablet 6.1mm his predecessor, will be thinner than’ll start by saying. A small battery and result in a minor design change, so Apple does not affect performance and device battery life to take care of every detail.


its display measures 7 inches and a pixel density of 401ppi, because the Apple tablet, even iPad 3 could not come up with the name, but instead, it will be known as the iPad 7. According to rumors, the tablet may have a thickness of only 5 mm, but it 2 or 3 GB of RAM to support a A9 processor will be quite large. IPad 3/7 dust and water resistant, it will support 4K resolution and force will come with touch technology. Some rumors Measuring 12 inches, the screen is bigger, saying that other opinions. Air iPad 3 iPad Air priced between $ 3 450 $ 750 can be.

Microsoft Surface Pro 

The tablet was released in June 2014 and soon, it will be a successor. 2 aspect ratio, and users can connect to: The EDP ClearType HD screen, the 3 with 2160 × 1440 (216 ppi) resolution Supports 12 inches in size was upgraded to Windows 10 Recently, in 1949 and cost between $ 799 and up to three external displays pill.

HD 5000 graphics with HD 4400 graphics and HD 4200 graphics with i7, i5 with i3: Inside, the three low-voltage dual-core processor is one of Intel Haswell. 3, 4 or 8 GB Pro supports LPDDR3 1600 MHz RAM and the 64, 128, 256 or 512 GB of internal storage houses.


1080p HD video capture on both sides with a 5MP camera, the physical dimensions of 290x201x91mm 800grams total weight, which are the result, and its body is made of a sleek magnesium alloy. Meanwhile, the tablet into a laptop which allows you to type a Surface Pro cover is sold. In addition, users have a mouse and Surface Pro can type on the screen with the pen.

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