Xbox One Black Friday 2015 business arrive early

As amazing as it sounds, Xbox One Black Friday 2015 deals may already have started to sprout. Thanks to a new leak from Dell, it seems that the Xbox One potential buyers would be able to bag your favorite console this Black Friday for only $ 299.


For those who have not noticed, this is a straight $ 50 discount from the standard Xbox a price. As an added bonus, you also get Gears of War One Bundle Xbox compromising an extra controller and two games; Fallout 4 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Usually, this package would be’d set you back $ 469, however, this Black Friday, 2015 sale will give you the same package for a dirty cheap price of only $ 299.

Black Friday 2015 An agreement gives Xbox Games

To make this Black Friday Xbox One deal even sweeter, gamers who play Gears of War Ultimate Edition before this year ends, will also be eligible for all the gear War series (1,2,3 and Judgment) for Xbox 360. Later, a firmware update on your Xbox One will make these Xbox 360 games compatible with its console, which means that you are basically getting 4 free games in this package. While most versions of Fallout 4 is also accompanied by Fallout 3, it is not clear at this point that this Black Friday Xbox An agreement includes or not.


However, for those who are interested, the leaked ad says that the Xbox One Black Friday 2015 business will live on Thanksgiving day at 6:00 am. The deal will be available online as well as brick and mortar retail stores of various retailers.

Black Friday 2015 will not be here for another month, so it’s logical to assume that most Xbox One Black Friday 2015 deals will appear in the coming weeks, so it would definitely be interesting to see what other retailers are holding in store for us!

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