Xolo Chromebook Specs and Reviews

XOLO has launched a new xolo Chromebook in India. There design and performance is very good. The xolo chromebook is now available to purchase via e-commerce sites only.  You have any work from chromebook. It will be providing best quality extension and extension or user friendly devices. The Chromebook made by three different manufacturers in India targeted at different segment of consumer with attractive cost. Xolo chrome book expected price at INR12,999. The xolo variant has a compact design an easy to use for consumer. The large amount of technique use for made a xolo chromebook.


The chromebook panel body is strong with the black back cover panel. The camera is placed of the top center end of lid. In use of the standard keyboard but is not separate numeric keys available. The looking as size of screen is 11.6 inch respectively. The speakers location is placed at of bottom panel but although, sound quality is quite loud. In built 2 GB RAM with graphic support from the ARM Mali 760 quad core GPU. Which can be further expand up to 1.8 GHz processor and the GPU also support of the 4k, 2k resolution. The device has a 16 GB internal eMMC storage card unit and a miroSD slot available.


There are two standard USB 2.0 ports and other port is available for mic/headphone combine. They camera support a 720p resolution. The in-built connectivity and apps is as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0 or Skype.  The boot is lower than 12 seconds. The operating system is automatic updates within a period of six weeks to share the latest and most secure version of the OS. The device also offers data encryption along that with a recovery module which can be the user reverts a known OS version. The combination has well for the most medium range laptops that target multitasking usable. According to company this device is good for working users.

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